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America’s Got Talent Winner: Shin Lim

Marvel in the magic of Season 13 Winner live!

san diego, california
March 7 - 10, 2020
4 Days and 3 Nights

900 Club Points

Per Package (up to two persons)

Timeshare sales presentation required.

Timeshare Sales Presentation Required.

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Space is limited.

CALL 833-689-4386

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Prepare yourself for spellbinding deeds of dexterity when you experience “Shin Lim: LIMITLESS” at the San Diego Civic Theatre.

Enter the world of performance artist Shin Lim, where the boundaries between the ordinary and impossible disappear. With years performing abroad under his belt — and Vegas mega-magicians Penn and Teller singing his praises — Shin Lim was already a masterful playing card and slight-of-hand magician when he appeared on America’s Got Talent in 2018. After winning the show’s 13th season, Lim has further perfected his craft.

“Shin Lim: LIMITLESS” represents the next stage in the performer’s magical journey to superstardom. Equal parts visual spectacle, artistic statement and red-curtain showmanship, “LIMITLESS” elevates the age-old trickery of slight-of-hand and up-close magic to an art form. Lim’s personality and talent pop with every flick of the wrist, and his synchronized card routines dare audiences to reimagine what’s possible. Simply put, “Shin Lim: LIMITLESS” must be seen to be believed.

Please see the event itinerary for a day-by-day schedule of this incredible engagement. Space is limited, so secure your spot now.

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CALL 833-689-4386

To be added to the waitlist for this event